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We develop and design building fast, beautiful, optimized websites for attorneys and law firms across the nation. We know that most people conduct their research online before hiring an attorney.

If you really want to bring in new clients from the web, it’s important that your firm’s website offers the best possible user experience. This is what we strive for and what you can expect from Legal Website Design right from the start:

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  • Legal Website Design websites are fast. You will lose over 25% of visitors after a 3 second load time.
  • Legal Website Design websites are responsive. Our websites will function flawlessly on computers, tablets, and phones.
  • Legal Website Design websites are SEO friendly. Many law firm website design agencies pay no mind to even the most basic SEO elements.
  • Legal Website Design websites are custom designed. We don’t use generic themes. We don’t recycle designs. Our websites are custom-tailored to highlight your firm’s value.

eCommerce/payment Enabled

Your website will be created using responsive web design best practices.

Responsive websites are websites that adapt to all screen sizes and resolutions, not only on desktop but also on mobile, tablet, and sometimes even TV.

According to Statista, mobile traffic is responsible for more than 54% of all global traffic, meaning that a website not well optimized…

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for mobile is losing out on approximately half of its traffic. It’s

expected that the global traffic share for mobile devices will grow to 79%, which is an exceptional increase.

Businesses without a mobile website are falling behind at an alarming rate, because 8 in 10 visitors will stop engaging with a website that doesn’t display well on their device. It’s way too easy for users to hit the back button and try a rival website instead, and Google even ranks websites that are not responsive lower in their search.

Unlimited Plugin Add-Ons

It’s no secret that running a website is a lot of work. You have to make sure your site stays up-to-date, has good security, and doesn’t get hacked.

Keeping track of the updates for all your website needs can be time-consuming as well as difficult trying to remember when the last updated was performed. All these are extremely necessary as technology advances extremely fast and updates are…

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constantly required to maintain your website.
That’s why we include an Unlimited Maintenance Plan that will save you time and money by giving you everything in one bundled package per month!

Elite Monthly SEO

As your firm grows and changes it is necessary to update pages on a regular basis. With most website developers charging hundreds of dollars each time you need to make even minor changes many firms just ignore updating and leave the site stagnant which is not good or business, and also not good or SEO.

We include unlimited page updates at no extra cost to you so you don’t have to hesitate and worry…

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about updating content on your site.
Just let us know when you require changes to any o your pages and we will usually have the new content up and available within 24 hours.

Website Development

Your account will be hosted on servers powered by the lightning-fast LiteSpeed webserver. Our servers have super-fast page loads up to 50 times faster than Apache.

Your website files and databases are stored on cutting-edge Solid State Drives (SSD) and configured in a super reliable and performing RAID-10 array.

We will cache your static content and serve it from servers…

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closest to your visitors for faster page loads.

Countless other technologies and optimizations are used to ensure fast page loads, such as HTTP3/QUIC, PHP 7+, software, and hardware optimizations.

Sleep easy with Resilient Website Security.

Included SSL Certificate for your website. We will also auto-renew your SSL certificate as it becomes necessary.

Your website is backed up daily. In the event of a disaster situation, we will be able to restore your website to the latest available account backup.

Your website is protected by our advanced firewall protection that uses artificial intelligence to detect and protect against various types of attacks.

Responsive Design

If you don’t accept payment forms beyond cash or check, you’re losing money.

If you would like to set up an online payment system our team can set up payment processing for you. You can even set up recurring billing for clients who want to make monthly payments. Helps increase cash flow for the firm.

For your law practice to continue…

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to thrive in the coming years, stay current with your technology (i.e., your practice management solutions), which includes payment processing (i.e., whether you integrate payments into your solution) and/or employing a third-party payment company. Regardless, Millennials and the population at large are looking to work with law firms that are embracing technology.

Businesses without a mobile website are falling behind at an alarming rate, because 8 in 10 visitors will stop engaging with a website that doesn’t display well on their device. It’s way too easy for users to hit the back button and try a rival website instead, and Google even ranks websites that are not responsive lower in their search.

Unlimited Maintenance

As your law firm grows and expands so do your website needs.

This requires adding more functionalitiy to your website. There are many addons and plugins that are free and allow you to add additional funcionality at no cost, however, many options require an additional investment.

We will implement these upgrades and make sure they are functioning correctly at no charge if you…

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are subscribed to our corisponding pricing plan. You will only be responsible for the additional charges required by the third party to aquire the upgrade options you are wanting to impliment.

Unlimited Page Updates

Monthly SEO services are month-to-month SEO services that work to improve your rankings in search results. Most monthly SEO services include on-page and off-page optimizations, like keyword targeting, link building, content writing, and more.

At LegalWeb.Design, we provide a turnkey solution to SEO with our Elite Law Firm Monthly SEO. When you invest in our ongoing monthly SEO services, your business will…

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receive a dedicated account manager that will provide everything your company needs to succeed.

A few examples of what comes with our SEO services include:

1. Keyword optimization
Keyword selection is an integral part of SEO. When users conduct searches, your keywords determine if your listing appears in their results. It’s important to optimize for keywords to reach the right leads.

To find the right keywords, our SEO company will help set you on the right path to find valuable keywords for your business. They’ll help you focus on long-tail keywords, which contain three or more words. These keywords help you reach people interested in your business.

Long-tail keywords drive better results for your business. They help you attract more qualified leads who are looking for your business. Once you have your keywords selected, your SEO company will help you optimize keywords on your website.

They’ll help you integrate keywords into your site. Keyword integration helps Google understand your page and properly index it. You’ll appear in the right search results by optimizing your page for valuable keywords.

2. Sitemap.xml creation
A sitemap.xml helps guide Google through your site and index it. Google needs to crawl through every page of your site to properly index it so your page can appear in the right search results. A sitemap.xml will help you show the importance of your page and help Google document how often your page is updated.

3. Mobile optimization
Mobile optimization is crucial for your website today. The rise in mobile searches and mobile browsing means that your site must be optimized for mobile. Our SEO company knows the importance of mobile-optimization and will include it in your monthly SEO package.

If you have a separate mobile site, our agency will help you optimize that site for search engines. It will help you reach more mobile users and bring them to your page. It’s an important feature to have in your monthly SEO plan if you want to obtain the most leads.

4. Google My Business listing optimization
If you service local customers, you must have a Google My Business listing. Google My Business helps you drive in local traffic for your business. An SEO company will include Google My Business optimization in your monthly SEO package.

Google My Business is a great tool to help you drive in local traffic. When users look for businesses near them, they generate a list of Google My Business listings that fit their query. You want to appear in the search results for your type of business, so you can drive more traffic into your business.

Our company will help you claim, set up, and optimize your profile as a part of your monthly SEO package because it will help your business reach more valuable leads.


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